Xpress International is a leading international Marketing, production and Media rights company that holds and represents an exclusive portfolio of media and marketing rights, for some of the most exciting and prominent events and production as well as Product marketing and planning in the field.

Working closely with broadcast partners, governments and companies, Xpress International helps organizations to tailor solutions that leverages on the intrinsic power and popularity to engage their audiences, build on their businesses, and achieve strategic objectives. Through its global network and partnerships with various cross-industry players, such as the international sporting federations, governing bodies, rights holders, it also dedicate its teams to present to its clients the best and the latest production and product in the market.

Our Work:
  • Working with Stream Box USA and main distributor in MENA
  • Close government contracts with Ministry of interior, ministry of defense, ministry of information, Kuwait’s National Guard.
  • Working with large private sectors like Khalij Joint Operations and Kuwait Oil Company